Jon McCain
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[ About Jon ]

Jon is a sr. programmer at a company down in Savannah, GA. He has a BS in electrical engineering and a BS in computer science. He has been a professinal programmer since 1994 and an amatuer one since the 1980s.

He has worked on many operating systems including Atari,VAX/VMS, SCO unix, linux, palm, dos and every  flavor of windows. The one notable exception is Apple. But since Apple is based on linux now he would problably not have any trouble learning it at all.  He has used many languanges such as 6502 machine language,progress (6 and 8), vb6, c#, standard c, visual c, c++, php, html, java and microsoft t-sql. He writes anything from user applications down to system services and controls. He also occasionally messes with electronic projects.

The site contains some software written by Jon and some short articles on various topics and projects. Check out the big MAME arcade machine he built one summer. Other interests include science fiction (movies, reading, collecting), ps3 games, small arts and crafts and his latest passion in N-scale model trains.

Enjoy your stay here.